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In order most to less what are the sub areas on the Secret Library more hard to hunt on team and what level need to start hunt on each  sub area?

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The difficulty of the areas is easy to explain:

Ice Section: easy

  • Only one damage type besides Physical: Ice damage. This makes Glacier Amulets and all other Ice Protection extremely powerful here.
  • Only 3 different types of creatures in all pulls
  • Creatures do not walk over Fire Bombs which makes it much easier for beginner teams to deal with over lures or creatures that target the shooters.

Fire Section: medium

  • Mostly Fire damage besides Physical, but also some Death and Earth damage which can make a difference when taking combos.
  • Two creatures are the majority (Rage Squids and Burning Books), but you'll also have to deal with Guardians of Tales and Ink Blobs. Guardians of Tales deal strong damage, Ink Blobs hit very high Earth Damage hits.
  • The hunting strategy here requires using Wild Growths and Magic Walls to create traps and safe areas, and mistakes in these can be fatal.
  • It's almost mandatory to trap the creatures of the "big room" where the hunt starts to create a safe area and avoid creatures coming from behind in the first/last pull. Luring these creatures away takes some skill and can be dangerous before you get the hang of it.

Energy Section: hard

  • Out of the 4 main creatures there, 3 deal both Holy and Energy damage, meaning all elemental protection is less effective. Furthermore, Biting Books deal very strong Physical damage.
  • There are 4 different creatures in similar amounts, so defensive preys aren't as effective as on the other two spawns. Also, on each pull you'll fight different amounts of them, and in several cases there will only be 3 out of the 4, effectively meaning the knight will only be using 1 prey even if 2 were activated.
  • Some pulls also have Biting Books, they only deal Physical Damage but they are similar to Ink Blobs and hit very hard.
  • The hunting method here is similar to the Fire Section, but more complicated as in some places traps won't be possible (Poison Bombs work on 2 of the 5 creatures), and some traps requires shooters to run past creatures first, which makes it easier to make mistakes.

As for the level range, it's impossible to say unless you give further details. You'll find 5x teams hunting at the Ice Section at level 400 or even less, but that's usually with preys on all players, high risk and waste. There are many things you have to take into account to be able to say if a certain team can safely hunt the place or not:

  • Will it be 4x or 5x (2 druids)?
  • Will the knight use any defensive preys?
  • Are the shooters going to use offensive preys?
  • Does anyone in the team already have charms on the creatures? How many players?
  • Are the players familiar with the hunt? Have they ever hunted using WGs and MWs before?
  • Is everyone going to use all imbuements possible, including mages with elemental protections?
  • Is the Master Sorcerer ready to use UHs if he's needed?

With all that in mind, I'd say that 5x level 500 with 0/1 prey or 4x with 2 preys should be enough for Ice and Fire sections, provided they know what they're doing and they use the right equipment.

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Very nice and detailed answer! I think it's worth mentioning how hard it is to get to each section as well. Ice being the shortest and easiest, fire and energy being much harder, with narrow corridors (specially energy) and more creatures in the way. Also, for the sake of completeness, the Energuardian of Tales does not do Holy damage.
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Thanks, Niime. I think that in terms of the path to the hunt we can assume that a new team will always kill the creatures on the way there - that's what I used to do. Running around Library if you're not used to hunting there already doesn't sound very smart to me. ;P Also, I'll edit in the Energyardian info, thanks.