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I'm an MS around lvl 700 range and I wonder what the best equipment and imbues would be for Fire Lib.

I get that Fire Protection ofc would be very useful, but should I also aim for some Earth or Death protection for the guardians and inq blobs?

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  Magma Amulet    Falcon Circlet 

  Soultainter            Elven Mail  or Soulmantle    Eldritch Folio or   Lion Spellbook

   Blister Ring         Soulshanks  - Alternative   Gnome Legs      Shining Sun Catcher

                                        Pair of Dreamwalkers (protection from Ink's) or   Makeshift Boots 


Falcon Circlet- Powerful Void (Mana Leech) & Powerful Epiphany ( Magic Level);

Soultainter - Powerful Void (Mana Leech) & Powerful Strike ( Critical) Alternative:  Falcon Wand

Elven Mail -Powerful Dragon Hide (Fire Protection), Powerful Lich Shroud (Death Protection) or Powerful Snake Skin, Powerful Vampirism ( Life Leech)

Soulmantle-  Powerful Dragon Hide (Fire Protection), Powerful Vampirism ( Life Leech)

Eldritch Folio, Lion Spellbook- Powerful Dragon Hide (Fire Protection)

Further Cheaper Substitude's:

Elven Mail  can be replaced with Dream Shroud (with Fire protection Imbue) or  Firemind Raiment,

Gnome Legs can be replaced with Magma legs;

Lion Spellbook could be replaced with  Shoulder Plate ( Fire Imbuing),

Soultainter can be replaced with   Falcon