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I saw 'Those Below' mentioned when I read about the Enslaved Dwarf on wiki.

"The Lost are some of the dwarfs that never joined one of the dwarven communities and aimlessly wandered the depths of the world in search of refuge. Sometimes in the ancient past they were found by 'those below' and cruelly enslaved by the masters of the depths. After generations of slavery and breeding, those dwarfs have lost all memory of their ancestry and culture, rendering them hardly more than aggressive animals of war. They lack a complicated language, communicating only with select gnarls and snarls. Their entire bitter lives are centred around battle and carnage. After their masters have completely broken their will, the Lost march in unquestioning obedience into battle whenever their cruel slavers order them to do so. It is hard to tell what motivation drives them. They seem not to revere to their masters in any way and show no joy in battle. The only emotion they are showing is incredible anger that rivals that of a rabid animal."

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If you go to the books: Those Below What We Know I and Those Below, What We Know II, they say that you don't really know what or who the "those below" are.

And so the theories arise: at first they believed that it was a force that forced the creatures to obey, even more that each time you go down into the cave, it gets hotter and hotter (so I understand that this part, they are mentioning to Spike, where the Spike Tasks take place).

They also say that creatures come from vents, so you can understand that creatures originate in Spike and when they are stronger they "walk" to Warzone (here I think of the worm: Abyssador), and so are the creatures we already know, one of them even has the name: The Baron from Below, which would be a final boss and even has a stage in which it is immortal.

When you talk to Gnomission, he even says an interesting phrase:

"There are three warzones. In each warzone you will find fearsome foes. At the end you'll find their mean master." So, it's more than one being in charge!

As their theories are always very vague, they decided to explore further and found "experiments" with other gnomes who became slaves. And that with that, they became aggressive and without any intelligence.

As these 'those below' were able to create gnomes (and dwarves) like this, it is believed that they were also able to create generals to lead these unintelligent creatures.

So, in conclusion, they believe it's a force in the depths of the place. They still haven't figured out enough to make an impersonation.

In my opinion, 'those below' is a force that originated in Spike, they perfected it and who are running everything now are the three final bosses of Warzone: Deathstrike, Gnomevil and Abyssador.

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I think the Dwarves refer to ''Those Below'' as:

- The Warzones creatures like Stone Devourer and especially the bosses like The Baron from Below.

I think that, because on the of the news of previous Updates related with Warzones the Dwarves always talk about this creatures like the evil below and similar.

Here an example: 

Summer Update 2021

The threat of those below

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"Those below" term is referred to the natural subterranean inhabitants/creatures1 who lived in the caves under the ground discovered by dwarfs. It is suspected that they are corrupted/ connected to Variphore 15(explanations below).

The caves were firstly discovered by dwarfes during "promising" mining work of rare and exclusive ore in section 3DA2, however, Gnomes seemed to know already about creatures living below underground.

Upon discovery of the cave system, several dwarfs gone missing 3, and afterwords battles between dwarfs and the discovered creatures started to be regular and more intense. This created a stronger alliance between dwarves and Gnomes,  and even some of them moved to the hub to provide with resources (crystals and mushrooms) and vital intelligence support to the dwarfs. 

"Those below" have several leaders, but 3 of them are recognised as a crucial ones and they are named by dwarfs as: Count of the Core, the Duke of the Depths and the Baron from Below.   Ofcourse, this has been added within time and new updates. 

"Those Below" are actually the one who flooded tunnels with lava against to defeat dwarfs and gnomes. 6

This is why you will encounter damage from lava when walking around it as also when you enter in Warzone 7-8-9. 7

All is mainly explained in Dangerous Depths Quests 8 , Big Foor Burden Quest and Too hot to handle 10,with additional notes in books "Those Below" 11;-)

Also Some NPC's 12 speaks about them:

Now, In Too Hot too handle quest we are getting to know there was previous a Civilisation  10

Which gives us suspicion that "Those Below" possibly destroyed it.

It is important to mention that part of Opticording Sphere Quest 13 is happening there. As per Dolis 14 Report which we can find in the Hub - they have reports of the monsters from another dimension with connection to Planestrider- this can be connected to "Those Below".

I also suspect that "Planestrider" is part of Variphore Lore.15

Please note in teaser for Too hot to handle it is mention that there are whisper saying:

"You can be one of us. Join us. Join us."

Which is one of the ways of how Variphore "corrupt". This also would explain presence of Gnomevil as a boss. 

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