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When you put your character battle style to "Offensive", "Balanced" or "Defensive" mode, how much effect does it have on the damage you receive and make?

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Combat Mode

Characters that are set to offensive combat mode will storm into battle, concentrating all their skill on an all-out attack. Because of this, they receive a bonus to their attacks. However, the drawback of such reckless fighting is that a character's defence is reduced as long as he is set to offensive combat mode.
This is the default setting. A character that is set to balanced fighting will divide his skills evenly between attack and defence.
Defensive characters will try to protect themselves as well as possible. Characters can attack while they are set to defensive mode, but their chance to hit will be reduced.


  1. Full attack/Full defence does not effect spell damage I.e. Exori, Exori Gran. However it does effect basic attacks. I am not sure how much but as a 450 ek I tend to hit around 300~ on full attack and around 100~ on full defence.

  2. Since spells aren't effected, and you can only hit 1/8 of a full surround with basic attacks it's usually a good idea to be on full defence when fully surrounded, unless you are using Utito Tempo.

  3. When you use Utito Tempo you can no longer block so full defence adds no extra defences, meaning you should always use full attack if you are going to use Utito Tempo.