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All this raids are unannounced raid, but have some regular time or frequency?

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We've got some Orc Raids among Tibia, but only from huge raid near Thais gates and on Fermor Hills you can loot Amazon Set.

The first one is announced:

0.00: Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware!

00.04 [-]

00.07: Thais is under attack!

00.09: [last wave with Orc Warlords]

Raid on Fermor Hills is unannounced and there is only one, big wave.

Both are once a month, but exact time is random.

Unannounced raid near Thais Lighthouse works in a completely different way and there is no chance to loot there any part from Amazon set. It appears once per week.

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Thais raid is not unannounced, only the femor hills one is.

They both are random.

In thais you got these messeges, that inform you about the raid:

  1. 0.00: Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware!
  2. 00.04 (unannounced raid)
  3. 00.07: Thais is under attack!
  4. 00.09: (unannounced raid: This is the one with the orc warloks which drops the amazon set)

(Tibia wikia references)

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And the raind on the lighthouse?
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what raid on the lighthouse? The announced raid in thais, has its invasion in every gate of thais (including left one, where the lighthouse is)
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the raid in the lighthouse is an unannounced raid too