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We all get those messages and warnings about invasions and raids. But who is it really that is warning us? Is it the gods? Or is it all in our heads? (:

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Telepathic powers from the whole living world signal to our minds the energy emanating from disturbances on the known lands of Tibia, being each signal different from other... Maybe our characters can sense when cities and regions get scared due to dangerous occurrences... Evil powers like Ferumbras can be perceived miles always, even by the most brute and non complex life form.

Well I did my best here to put it in a RPG perspective, haha.

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HAHA "Spider Senses"
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It's probably Towncryer, he never smokes so his lung capacity is great!
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That guys voice reaches miles off. Haha
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I think they are the Tutors instead of Gods.
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Cipsoft LOL who else would warn us about raids and other things