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Why Orcs drop Amazon set on some raids?

On a pair of raids orcs can rarely drop amazon set items, the Tibia Lore explains it on his history.

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There is an interesting thing I'd like to point out (in terms of lore): Whenever I ask Eloise or any other NPC in Carlin about 'raid' 'orcs' or anything like that, they never reply. Meanwhile, if I ask the Femor Hills Tower NPC about 'orcs' she replies: "They come in hundreds, they are scary but I've always managed to defeat them" etc. Another interesting fact: when the Hills Raid occurs, if we ask the NPC about it, she says that the Orcs have stolen items from the Amazons and that if I manage to defeat them, I may keep whatever belonged to the Amazons.

The transcriptions of this NPC that explains what happening on this raids:

This things happens when orcs invade Thais (but thais raid is not confirmed to drop amazon items) and Femor hills , in Femor hills Orcs try to invade the watchtower custodiate by Thanita who tries to defend the place. This items are very rare to get from Orcs but if you are patient and you help Thanita on their watch maybe some day you can get a nice item like this:


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I thin:
The race of Orcs was created by Zathroth to fight againts humans (NPCs) and heros (We).

The Amazons and Valkyries are humans, like NPCs, just exile. So to the eyes of Orcs they are just another faction to fight.

Maybe the orcs kill some brave adventurer from Amazones and stole their set. Near to the Orc Frotress (Most importan place to the race) is Amazon Camp (Most importan place to the race) and they are in the middle of way to Venore.

Near to Femur Hills (The places of raid) you can see some Amazons too. And same happen near to Thais.
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The NPC is very clear when you ask her about that he says " the Orcs have stolen items from the Amazons and that if I manage to defeat them, I may keep whatever belonged to the Amazons."
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I never talk with this NPC before, but I'm happy to see I'm right in how they have it.
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Man, I always questioned myself about it... I wish that one day I will be able to deal with this invasion! :)

+1 for your answer, Zupa!
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