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The Annihilator Quest

People usually wait for a higher level to do this quest, but my friends and I are going to pull the lever at level 100. What is the best way to survive this quest at this minimum level?

Our team is an Elite Knight, a Royal Paladin, a Master Sorcerer and an Elder Druid.



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1.- All get full bleassings.

2.- All use full fire protection set.

3.- All get some special food to fill all mana/health.

4.- All use Might Rings.

3.- The Knight use Stone Skin Amulet

5.- The Paladin use Assasins Stars and Shield.

6.- The Sorcerer/Druid use Sudden Death Rune to attack.

7.- Keep your mana/health full.

8.- The order in line net be: Druid - Sorcerer - Paladin - Knight - Demons.

9.- Do it with 0 lag.

10.- Take care with the demon you select to attack, need be the right.
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The Better way is, all members of you team up into a 98% of a level, the knight can use might ring+magma amulet, the paladin is the most fragibile, he's need use energy ring so can't use the protection of a might ring, if need be one of the mages can help using pot on he.
fir the mages fire protection set+ garlic necklace, utamo vita and might rings, when kill first demon all up for lvl 101 cause have a 98% exp
previously obtained, and so all of team recovery all their lives.
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Paladin must enter the room in energy ring as you said, but I would switch it to might ring as the rest. An 100% sure he will need to be potted xD
Necklaces of the Deep are good to use aswell, to take just half of the life drain.