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Is there any method of getting all of these points as fast as possible? I have less than 40 task points and I want to know which monster I should focus in order to hoard all of the points needed for the quest as soon as possible!

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The best choice will be sea serpents and young sea serpents, where you will also have a good experience and you will earn points there as fast as possible hunting alone. Draken on the walls are also good with a druid.
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A good way is do several at the same time in deeper Banuta you can find Behemonts, Hydras, Serpent Spawn, Medusae and Ghastly Dragons.

In Medusa Tower you can find Behemons, Serpent Spawns and Medusae.

In forbidden lands you can find Behemonts and Hydras.

Making several at the same time is a lot faster.