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Recently I read Dungeons & Dragons’ publisher will put the game under a Creative Commons license, with this change can Tibia get the Beholder name back?
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Well that's a good question, Tibia should investigate if the license of that Name can be used on any creature :).
Hope they do it, would be nice to see a Beholder again.

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In the case tibia was interested in getting the licence fot the name, and D&D did concive the transaction yes it would be possible but in the case that wasnt optional, then no Tibia did changed the name du to copyright issues.
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thank you for your feedback.

It may be possible that we could now go back to using the term 'beholder' for what are now 'bonelords' as far as legal regulations are concerned, but while we have not discussed the issue yet, I believe it is very unlikely that we would go back to their original name - renaming them again could possibly cause unnecessary confusion, and besides, at the end of the day it is nice to know that these creatures have a bit of a more original Tibia touch.

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