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The spell Armageddon is mentioned in a blackboard in the Ivory Towers, in Edron. It is said that Ferumbras knows this spell.

Is there any other information available about this spell? Such as, if it is implemented but not obtainable, info about its effect, if any creature really uses it, and if maybe if it could even be learned through a quest?

Any info would be nice!

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The average damage when Ferumbras uses this spell, is approximately 600 to 950.

Gaz'Haragothm have similar but more powerful attack called DEATH and DOOM.

Its never has been implemented and the elemental damage and area is too op to see it on game.

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It would be a really nice death UE for like lvl 1000 or something xD
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Fun fact about Gaz'haragoths Death and Doom, its not death at all! It's Energy Damage!
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Krisph are right! I forgot it.