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Where I can go SOLO?

How much exp I get on this places?


What items/set need use?


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Oramond West is probably the best exp/h respawn at that level for solo mages when the quara raid is active. Although sorcerers might have an easier because of hells core, druids don't fall that much behind. 

You could lift up to 2.4... 2.7kk/h maybe more depending on your magic level and overall hunting skill, and also if you have prey of any of the creatures on the respawn.

0 profit if you wanna make good experience.

Get the best terra set you can get and thunderstorms as the gfb wont do anything to the quaras and maybe get a shield and SoV if you don't have much experience solo hunting and hit it off. 

After levitating down to the respawn head north to kill the quaras, then south west, and basically go round east and back north to the quaras again. 

Hope it helps :)

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