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What are the Pros and Cons of each vocation to start on new Open PvP server?

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In my point of view for exp:

Low level: ED = MS > RP > EK.

MS and ED solo can hunt since the beggining, doing ton of xp, although not always profitable.

Mid level: EK > RP > MS > ED

EK can hunt all the time, no worring about diamond arrows or summon. RP would be the best, if wasn't diamond arrow cooldown. Here seems mages fall behind (in my point of view). EK can hunt asura, draken, banuta, grim reaper, wz 6, wz 5, POI, roshammul, oramond west, raids... RP can do the same, besides The Spike, however, the diamond arrow cooldown is awefull... Mages can't do all of it solo,

High level: RP > EK > MS = ED

Well here is where things start to be interesting , RP is for me the best vocation actually , they can go solo places like Ice books on secret library with better profit and more exp and a MS or ED solo in Ice books, they will win almost every single Boss since their combo is the best of all votacions, this is a very big advantage since some bosses can give huge amounts of money.


The EK's are always a demand vocation , people always need an EK for team hunts, in higher lvls they are the base to hunt on places like prison -3 , Catacombs , Secret library, Feru seals ... and they can also deal much damage with very nice combos and since charms are on Tibia they can deal even more damage with charms like parry or wound, also in bosses the are really strong since almost all bosses work with the system of the one who win the boss is the one who deals more damage + hold more damage from boss + heals more the team, and EK will be for sure the one who holds more damage and can be the one who deal the biggest damage also so thats because for me they are the second better voc for PVP.


Druids and Sorcerers are actually quite the same , they can deal almos the same damage since sorcerers deals a bit more damage on some spells but MS's are limited to energy and flam and on higher levels the monsters are usually weaker to frigo or tera... In this case the choice for start on a new pvp server I think is that depends on your gameplay style , if you like to hunt solo a lot choose MS, if you like team or duo hunt go ED for sure because people demands more ED's than MS's.