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Three new Retro Open PvP worlds will be started soon. I would like to know - what is the best strategy to become the top player on a newly started (retro) Open PvP world? What are the most important things to focus on? Should I just hunt as much as possible, and if so, where? Or perhaps I should initially focus on getting a good skill with training weapons so that I can level up faster? Maybe making some good profit at the start is even better?

Are there certain vocations that work better for a new retro open PvP world? Are there any quests that are must-have for optimal development of the character? I'm also wondering if the fact that those are retro Open PvP worlds make any difference compared to the regular Open Pvp world.

I'm looking for a complete answer of all the things that are crucial to become the top player on a new (retro) open PvP world.

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If you are a lonely wolf I would choose Master sorcerer for new server. This free Crit wand with 2 m lvls improves exp gain so good.

Well there is a nice guide on how to get level 30 on youtube in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvGOQnW6jCM

Its kinda old cuz from 2k15 but there are major things you might do. Also, he didn't spend a single tibia coin there. Where If you want you might spend some cash to make all faster.

After reaching level 28 or 30 by way from link, you should go hunt Spike on Kazordoon to level 50 or Meriana island there is a cave with Tarantulas, Gargoyles, Stone golems, etc.

On level 50 If you choose the way with Tibia coins I would go SD's on Isavii or on Oramond Minos with Magic shield.

On level 80 you might choose profit or exp, because on level 80 you can start doing access to Glooth bandits on Oramond and start doing some exp and big profit to buy TC cheap. Or rush for level 100 to enter another spawn in Kazordoon.

Remember - reaching level 100 lets you enter the place with Warzone 456. This is the best place for leveling character on Revenous Lava lurker.

Important things are:

  • Buy a house to get casks after 1 week of server live
  • If you are waiting for someone, burn your soul to make some runes and improve your magic level or just when you reach depot after a hunt
  • If we speak about retro keep in mind it might be a different pvp system than the one you are used to play. You need to watch out how you use AOE spells and runes. It's easy to get skull or even red skull if your throw element field/wall/bomb on ground. Also, people might ask you if you want to join the party and kill you without getting skull and frag.
  • It's good to spend a couple of wands to improve your magic level at the start. Even 1 when you reach 12 level for Exori Vis.
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Thanks for sharing this! Maybe you (or someone else) could summarize the steps from the video so this answer is not just a plain link.
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Well I changed it a bit