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I would like to know what was the first Brazilian pvp server, does anyone know of anything related?
Please do not use CAPS where not needed..;)

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September 16, 2004 the first world was launched on a server located in Brazil: Tenebra (normal PvP). On the same day the world of Galana was launched (normal PvP, Germany)


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The Date of the release is 16th September 2004.

"imageoday we started two new game worlds: Tenebra and Galana. Tenebra is our first game world that runs on a server in Brazil! Many thanks to everyone helping us to test this server during the past weeks. Galana's server is located in Germany. Both worlds are normal game worlds with enabled player vs. player combat. Players that live in Brazil should choose Tenebra since it will provide a much better connection. Note that due to the structure of the Internet, all South American players not living in Brazil (e.g. Argentina or Chile) are still better off selecting a server which is located in the USA. Galana will fit best for players in Europe. New American servers will be launched soon as well.

During the next days only premium players are allowed to enter the new worlds. To keep the number of characters on Rookgaard on a reasonable level, the maximum number of players is limited as well. In a few days we will raise the limit and also allow free account players to join.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team"


New Game Worlds Tenebra and Galana