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I'm going back to playing after years and I wanted to know which of the two classes do you think would work best to start from scratch

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I think Knight can be little better, at the start maybe you gonna hate how slow you gonna up (But can get a little profit) but in future with Knight is more easy search team to hunt. The paladin can do more profit and level up more faster solo, if you dont want think to much in team hunts.
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Knight is better cuz it´s easier to find team to hunt and to hunt solo too. Paladin take some time to became better than EK. As Ek you always will find some ed looking for team or just EK for hunt.
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I think it really depends on how you plan to play in the long run:

In my opinion, EKs are better if you aim to mostly hunt with a team or dou (and you also will have high demand).

Otherwise, paladins scales really well, in healing and damage wise, and they can get really tanky on high levels.