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I'm trying to learn how to play a EK, never played it and I have always been a bit clueless so never checked how my ek mates played. Would like to know which is its attack spells in combo, counting with the cooldown of each one, and the utito it has to do.

To complete information would be nice too if you add the combos of ED and MS (let's think that the creature you are attacking to are neutral to physical, energy, terra, ice and fire).

For example, for me the good combo of a RP is:

Sharpshooter Utito tempo san (10 seconds cooldown: Its cooldown do not affect the other attacking spells)

  1. Divine Caldera Exevo mas san (4 seconds cooldown)
  2. Strong Ethereal Spear Exori gran con (8 seconds coooldown)
  3. Divine Caldera Exevo mas san (4 seconds cooldown)
  4. Ethereal Spear Exori con OR Divine Missile Exori san (2 seconds cooldown)
  5. Divine Caldera Exevo mas san (4 seconds cooldown)

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For sorcerers DEPENDS if you have a blocker or not (Party or Summon),

For party hunt / summon:

 Utori mas sio  (If you're on a party and you didn't use a Mastermind Potion)

TurnAs usualAlternative
1  Exevo vis hur, cooldown 8 seconds Exevo vis hur, cooldown 8 seconds
2  Exevo gran vis lux, 6 seconds Exevo gran vis lux, 6 seconds
3 /  /  / any strike, 2 seconds Exevo gran mas vis, 40 seconds
 Exevo gran mas flam, 40 seconds
 /  / / / any strike, 2 seconds

* All attacks may include a wand attack at first.

So this is the set that I've been using for years.... So when your 4th turn ends you'll have again the Exevo vis Hur  for the alternative column I added you need to be sure that it's worth loosing 2 turns of damage for using an ultimate spell and keep in mind that you can't repeat that alternative until the cooldown for the UEs ends, what you need to be sure is to cast both exevo vis hur and exevo gran vis lux since they're more powerful than any rune.

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The most efficient EK spell consists in 4 spells:

1 -   Blood Rage ("Utito tempo")

2 -  Fierce Berseker ("Exori Gran")

3 -  Ground Shaker ("exori mas") or  Front Sweep ("exori min")  (See - when to use each)

4 -  Berseker ("exori")

When using the spells you should use the combination of Fierce Berseker, them Ground Shaker or  Front Sweep, them Berseker with the effect of Blood Rage active.The Blood Rage Spell lasts for 10 seconds meaning that you can use 4 spells with it's effect on before needing to renovate it.

Your focus should be using your strongest spell first so you can use it again as soon as possible maximizing you damage dealt. It is important to notice that Blood Rage shares a cooldown with  Challenge ("exeta res") so if the monsters run with low HP try to use Challenge 1 turn before using Blood rage as Challenge lasts for 6 seconds.