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What are the creatures that only appear once per each server save?

Example: Elf Overseer

Don't take in count bosses and Is not necessary the creature appear all days/server saves.

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Best answer

- Midnight Panther,

- Yeti,

- Crustacea Gigantica

- Nightfiend

- Vicious Manbats

- Undead Cavebear

As I misread your question I actually did bosses too....

Mini-world changes:

Bank Robbery - Mornenion, Jesse the Wicked,  Elvira Hammerthrust, Robby the Reckless

Warpath Mini World Change-  - Bibby Bloodbath

Yielothax dimension-  Raging Mag

Bosses From the Raids

Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth, Feroxa

Vampires: The Pale Count Sir Valorcrest, Zevelon Duskbringer, Arachir the Ancient One, Diblis the Fair.

POI: Massacre, The Imperor, The Handmaiden, Countess Sorrow, The Plasmother, Dracola, Mr. Punish  

Pirates: Deadeye Devious, Lethal Lissy, Ron the Ripper, Brutus Bloodbeard

Others: Furyosa, Fernfang, Man  in the man Cave, Zushuka, Hirinthor, Ockyao, Shlorg, The Welter, White Pale, Tyrn, Dharalion. Gaz'haragoth, Omrafir, General Murius, Grand Mother Foulscale, Hatebreeder, Rukor Zad, The Frog Prince, The Big Bag One, Thul, Yaga the Crone, Zomba, Zulazza the Corruptor, Chizzoron the Distorter, Tzumrah the Dazzler, The Evil Eye, Smuggler Baron Silvertoe, Necropharus, Captain Jones, Arthom the Hunter, Barbaria, Big Boss Trolliver, Dreadful Disruptor,Flamecaller Zazrak, Fleabringer, Glooth Bomb, High Templar Cobras, Oodok Witchmaster, Owin, The Voice of Ruin, Warlord Ruzad, Willi Wasp, Xenia,Zarabustor,  Bane Lord

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I don't think there are any creatures that spawn once per server save. Elf Overseer does not appear every server save. If they are killed and the World Change doesn't happen they do not spawn again. Or if it does happen they will not spawn.
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Im not saying every server save (per each server save is different)  also when the events is runing, the Elf only appear one time. Is just example.
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I am a little confused on the difference between "every server save" and "per each server save".
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Take as example: Gaz'haragoth (Its a boss, but just take it as example), he appear 1 time every 15 days, but only 1 time in all day. If you kill it it dont spawn again in the same day (Server save).

Elf Overseer, (Dont care if need quest/event or not event), appear 1 time in all day. If you kill it it dont spawn again in the same day (Server save).

Is not necesary the creature appear all days/server saves.