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I haven't unlocked the bestiary fully but I'm on mainland. I'm curious if there are creatures on the bestiary that are exclusive to Dawnport or Rookgaard or everything I can unlock is possible on just mainland?
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Very interesting question. I don't have anything in mind, I think that every monster from those places can be find on Mainland, but I will wait for answers.

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Hi Shawtay!

I checked it with a new char and the monsters on Dawnport are not part of the bestiary. But the monsters of Rookgard that are also availables in Mainland counts to the bestiary, for example:

Snake, Cat, Rat, Cave Rat, Wolf, Deer, Bug, Troll, Minotaurs, Orc and Bear, was the creatures i found in Rookgard .

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No, there are not. Creatures of dawnporrt are not in the bestiary list. I guess because it would be unfair for those character that were created when 'rookgard' was the only posible begining