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Can anyone give a top with the most expensive achievements or hardest achievements to get (and how to get them)?

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July 03, 2018
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Achievement Library Liberator


Though you couldn't prevent the theft of the godbreaker knowledge, you still managed to fight of the invasion of the library and to kill the scourge of oblivion, a powerful servant of the enemy.

Obtainable upon killing The Scourge of Oblivion.
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Actually that is the hardest one to get since you need a very high level and a nice team of at least lvl   700-800+
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- Outfits/Addons

Alumni: Obtainable by completed the Mage Outfits Quest, with the Ferumbras Hat.

Widely Travelled: Obtainable by getting the basic Discoverer Outfits.

- Mounts

Vortex Tamer: Obtainable by tamed a Neon Sparkid.

Vortex Tamer: Obtainable by tamed a Vortexion.

Running the Rift: Obtainable by tamed a Rift Runner.

Bibliomaniac: Obtainable by tamed a Flying Book.

- Quests

His True Face: Obtainable during mission 3 of the Blood Brothers Quest but there is a small chance.

Razing!: Obtainable by getting the rank of Razing! in the Vampire Hunter Quest.

Devovorga's Nemesis: Obtainable by significantly contributing to the battle with Devovorga during the Rise of Devovorga World Quest.

- Others

Deep Sea Dive: Obtainable by walk 1.000.000 sqm underwater.

Umbral Master: Obtained by creating all of the Master Umbral Weapons.

Shell Seeker: Obtainable by finding 100 Giant Shimmering Pearls out of closed large seashells