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As the topic, which are the hardest mounts to get from quests/ world changes from your opinion and why?

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For me is top of hardest FROM QUESTS/WORLD CHANGES

  •  Antelope - wasting many time for tasks
  •  Gryphon - Kilmaresh Quest is hard
  • Hellgrip -  wasting many time to make this quest
  •  Rolling Barrel -  event is 2 times in year, but hard to dropped necessary item in event (sometimes full bestiary isn't enough)
  • Gnarlhound - you must end Shadows of Yalahar quest and it's long.
  • Blazebringer - you must complete all lanterns from Lightbearer
  • Stone Rhino - you must make portals from  Forgotten Knowledge Quest. and item for this mount is expensive too.
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I don't think Hellgrip is too hard haha (or I just like to do quests like this) I did it in three hours, you can divide the quest in 2 days, the most annoying thing is walking in Drefia
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I spent many time, about 4-5hrs to make this quest. Drefia is too hard for me. So, which in your opinion from quests/events is hardest?:)))
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Drefia is really annoying to me too!! I guess the Antelope is one of the hardest, it's many many time doing the hunting tasks
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The hardest ones to get are:

  • Flying book  - rare drop from the final boss of the secret library quest which not many people can complete.
  • Neon Sparkion  and Vortexion  - Very rare drop from the Final boss of the heart of destruction quest
  • Rift Runner  - Very rare drop from Ferumbras mortal shell.
  • Antelope  - Requires too much Hunting points that are hard to get. Some would argue that it would require years of play to acquire the points without using Tibia coins
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When I answered i had in mind the bosses that are from quests. They are not a guarantee reward from the quest but you need to do the quest to gain access to the final boss and try to drop it.
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Yes, haze is also a quest mount. But you can't really compare the difficulty of getting it to the difficult of getting a Menacing Egg... Remember, the question is also about difficulty, so haze is not really included..

And anyone can also buy item for Gryphon and Hand, it is not required to do the quest. The quest will just reward you with the item... Hehehehe
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You also mentioned Rhino and said "complete forgotten knowledge bosses to get access, but item can be expensive". How is that any different from getting access to the secret library and buy a library ticket? Is the exact same situation, except that the rhino is much much easier to achiev.