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I wonder if there is the same chance for Health and Mana Strong Potion when You use Concentrated Demonic Blood? It's worth to use?

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The statistics point out to the fact that the chance is really similar:


But considering the question is it worth to use it: why not? It's definitely nice to get some extra potions. Plus, an extra benefit of using the Demonic Blood is the achievement: Demonic Barkeeper! You will get it after using the blood 250 times. (worth 3 points)

When not to use it

-don't use it when you want to keep some of the Demonic Blood for the Hot Cuisine Event and want to have some spare for Demonic Candy Balls 

-when the price on your home-server market is way higher.

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Statistics based on opening Concentrated Demonic Blood, 7798 trials.

There is achievement "Demonic Barkeeper" for opening 250 Concentrated Demonic Blood.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Concentrated_Demonic_Blood/Statistics