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If a mage is capable of using Ultimate Mana, Great Mana, Strong Mana, or Mana Potions? which would be more cost-effective for the mana and cost ratio? What one would you get the most out of for the least price.

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I'm just curious, why did you exclude the mana potion from your question?
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I Included it now I didn't original because I was like well there's no way I would use just regular mana potions as a druid.

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The smaller the pot, the more cost-effective it is.

so in your question, the Strong Mana is the most cost effective

Average price for 100 MANA:

  • Strong mana potion: 59gp
  • Great mana potion: 70gp
  • Ultimate mana potion: 87gp
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Is there any way you can include mana potions as well sorry I just edited my question now
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