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I'm EK 280 and always hunt with GHP. My doubt is when it's time to change and start using UHP.

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In my opinion it depends on what kind of monsters you want hunt. I have 96 Ek and I also use more often strong than great, because it is more convenient to heal myself, but when I go with a random druid for something better, I prefer to heal myself by great. When I go main char MS to hunting e.x. prison, EK takes mixed potions - both greats and ultimates. You need to work out your mechanism, check the druid's skills and then decide what pots carry.

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Ultimate Potions are way more effective but also cost more, so keep that in mind while supplying yourself. It always depends where you hunt and/if you hunt with a druid or solo. Also by knowing the locations where you hunt better, you should know better yourself when exactly is the time when Greats are not enough anymore and you need something better. Its always a nice idea to have mixed supplies tho, just to not waste cash unnecessarily.