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What would the Tibia Coin price have to be in order for it to be a better option to purchase runes or potions from the Store rather than from Magic Shopkeepers? I haven't done the math to tell if buying them from the Magic Shopkeepers is better than buying them from the Store. Also, what type of situations would even lead you to buy them over visiting the Magic Shopkeepers regardless of Tibia Coin price?

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Always check on tibia coins price.

For example new server coins Cost 3k

Gfb Cost 10 coins (i Dont remember accurate value its example) per 300x

For 10 coins u get 300 gfb for 10*3=30k

On shop Cost 5700 per stack(100) so 300*5.7(5.7 k Cost=100 gfb)=17.1k

So u can calculate that for money its more worth. I Hope that i help you a little to understand economy.
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I appreciate the example, but I wish it was more accurate to the price of the GFB cost or other things in the store. I appreciate your answer though. Also, what types of situations would lead you to buy from the store with Tibia coins over Magic Shopkeepers? Just if you start a new server?
You always should looking for profit ino , so if u paying attention for waste u just looking for TC price, from tibia store u can always buy mount which is very good option to boost Ur speed on New server. Boosts and wild cards  ALWAY$ are desirable no doubt. Rest are literally useless after 5k TC+ imo