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I know I can buy all blessings in game or using tibia coins. I would like to know how calculate the cheapest way based on the Tibia Coin price.

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All 7 regular blessings more Twist of Fate have a cost of 172.000 gps.

If you buy using TC you will pay:

  • 130 TC for all 7 regular blessings
  • 25 TC for Heart of the Mountain
  • 25 TC for Blood of the Mountain
  • 8 TC for Twist of Fate

So you will waste a total of 188 TC, finally all you have to do is check the price of TC to calculate: 188 x TC price. 

As you can see, I would say buying with TC is always expensive.

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To buy all 7 blessings + Twist of Fate we will have to pay 172.000 gps (take a look here)

To buy all same 7 blessing + Twist of Fate with Tibia Coins we will  have to pay 188 Tibia Coins.

So, to know with is the cheaper option we can use the formula:

172.000 gps = 188 x TC

TC = 172.000 / 188

TC = 915 gps

Considering that Tibia Coins are selling each 25 we make:

915 gps x 25 = 22.875 gps

To finish, if the value of 25 Tibia Coins at your server is under 22.875 gps, buy the blessing using Tibia Coins is the best option.

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Inquisition bless (after lvl 120)  =110,000 gp.

heart of the mountain              =26,000  gp

Blood of the mountain            =26,000 gp 

twisted fate (only needed in pvp, price after lvl 270)= 50 000 gp

total 166k without twisted of fate  216k with twisted

5 regulas blessing with tc: 130 tc

heart+blood of mountain : 50 tc 

twist of fate : 8 tc

180 tc all blesses without twist 188 tc with twist of fate

if tc price is under 922.2 gps it worth to buy with tcs,if it cost more worth buy with gold ( no twisted of fate)

if the price of tc is under 1149 gp worth buy with tcs, if it cost more worth buy with gold ( with twisted fate included)

overall it worth to buy with gps, exept for some new servers at start where coin value is really low.