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On the worlds that I know, the tibia coins usually have lower price on PVP ones... It may be natural, but what drives this? Example: On Antica the TC is around 18 to 19k, while Gladera 25 to 26k.

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In my opinion is because a mix of factors:

  • War in open PvP worlds: The Big ones normally decrease the price of the tcs
  • Transfer: the fact that you can transfer character with items to non PvP worlds from open PvP, but not vice-verse.
  • Resellers: most times there are players beyond the price of the tcs, playing with the market to earn money
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In my opinion it's because non-pvp world naturally generate more money than pvp worlds, people focus on the game not on pvp etc, which inflates those servers.

In short: It's safer to earn money on non-pvp, therefore, there is more of it, hence the prices of tc are higher. 

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As a player of non PVP world I can say the market at these worlds are very different from open PVP. Here every one has money, we don't have wars and  this kind of situations. In my world there are many players that don't play much but has a lot of money so the items are very expensive and that push the TC price to up.

In the last year TC increased 40% and keeps going up. The business behind the game is also a problem.