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I know a lot of people make money selling and buying Tibia coins on the market. My question is, when is the right time to buy and sell Tibia Coins? Does it depend on the server, time of year, if there's certain events? I just would like some tips thanks!

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You can get advantage of buying-selling tibia coins in 3 different ways:

  1. As fire_dragon said, during the double exp weekends/weeks the TC tend to fall
  2. When new worlds begin TC in those servers are so cheap and so easy to get during the first days even weeks
  3. By buying tcs in servers where they are cheaper and selling in others where they are more expensive. Ofc for this you need to have cash in several servers, and this is not easy, It is necesary to Transfer items aswell among those servers too on order to have capital.
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Usually during 2x exp events the Tibia Coin price will go down.

Many players will buy coins on the website, and then sell so they can train Magic Level / Skills. Because of that usually the market gets overwhelmed by coins in those events, pushing the price down.

So, what I do is, I buy coins on those events and sell it a week after, usually is the time needed for the price to stabilize again.
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From my own experience I can say that tibia coins are cheaper in Winter and more expensive  in Summer.

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Best option is what Fire said, buy during double XP events.

But there some ocasion that might be evem better like when some player is going to buy something extremely expensive. I remember when a player bought Golden Outfit at my server, Tibia Coins decrease  about 30% it's value and after a couple of days it was at the regular price fo my world. Who had money in game to buy TC make a high profit that time.
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From my experience, the TC price goes down also during the times of war in the server. Most of the high-level players, usually in "dominando guilds" arent so preoccupied with getting the maximum income from the high-tier spawns, hence the influx of money in-game is not as high.