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I love to collect rares and lately find myself going to other servers and checking out what they have to offer. The only issue I have is I want to know if there's a way to know the price of Tibia coins on a server without creating a character? I know with our accounts we're limited to how much characters we can have so I'm wondering if there's another option or what others do to make things easier.

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Unfortunately the only way to know the price of Tibia Coins is in the Market of each server.
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Hello Shawtay!

As Pepiny says the only way so far is checking it on the market of each world, so it means you have to create more accounts based on the fact that account only allows you to have 20 character actives per account.

Depending on the server you want to deliver the rare items will depend on the number of characters you will have to make. If your final destination of the Rare items is an Optional PVP if the world is blocked or not. Keep in mind for these conditions because there are some servers with special limitations of world transfers.