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I've seen the prices of Tibia Coins decrease in the past couple months.

Is there something that sets the price of Tibia Coins vs Gold Coins? I know it depends on the economy of the server, but is there something that sets the minimum price for Tibia Coins? And what about the maximum price?

I remember looking at another question that shows the price of potions bought using tibia coins (casks, kegs) and compares with the price of potions in NPC. Is there something like that that sets a 'minimum price' on the price of tibia coins? I've also heard that training weapons also influence in the price of tibia coins.

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The economy on Tibia depends a lot on the economy of Antica , Antica is the reference to know how things will affect other worlds. The economy on Tibia is also based in the amount of broken respwns (those where you get a lot of exp and profit) like for example library. This kind of things break the economy with the inflaction, with this inflaction everything gets more expensive, and tibia coins price rises.

Sometimes with the Tibia events like double exp or double respwn algo moves the value of the Tibia coin because the demand exceeds supply.
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All I can tell you is that in my experience it can be influenced by events. For example, when the double xp weekend took place, the price of TC in my server went down, I believe because many people were selling TC to get money and buy exercise weapons (cheaper that way), the price of TC went down like around 1k maybe.

About the optimal price, I will let others help on the subject.
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There is no optimal price, because by example a high price can be good to some people who sell and bad to buyers.

Facts who influence the price of Tibia Coins:

  • Merged worlds (More players in one server, more offer and demand).
  • Double Respawn Events (Players need money to supplies, more players sold coin, more offer and lower price).
  • Double exp/skill Events (Players need money to supplies, more players sold Tibia Coins, more offer and lower price).
  • Antica Market (Players use it as estimation of Items rares and it have influence in the price of Items in Tibia Coin).
  • Respawns with a lot profits like Carnivoras Rocks (The players can get tons of money in more short time, so they buy more Tibia Coins so they create more demand).
  • Amount of Players on the server (More players in one server, more offer and demand).
  • Changes on the prices of supplies (The price of supplies reduce the amount of profit so players can buy to much Tibia Coins so the demand decress).