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We got two forms of currency to demonstrate our profit most of the time: Gold coins reserves inside the Tibia bank in the bank and our Tibia Coin account balance. Which option is better to manage our funds when we talk about both these two choices? Should I sell my Tibia Coins for gold coins and deposit it with a banker NPC or is more preferable to always have it as Tibia Coins? Or it depends? How to know what to do?

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Gold Coins are of fixed value and so are essentially secure

Tibia Coins are of fluctuating value and are traded on the market, so they have no fixed value and are essentially unsecure

Your true value is always going to be calculated in gold coins as it is the standard currency of Tibia. Even Tibia coins just reflects on how much gold you have. Having Tibia coins is useful for Tibia Store purchases and occasionally very large player to player purchases.

What should you do?

That's really up to how you play, there's no magic answer. Do you buy a lot of Tibia coins and use them in the store? . Do you trade Tibia coins on the market? Having some on hand is never a bad idea unless you simply have no interest in using them in any way

Agree Completely. I would also add it is good for Market investment. It is worth to buy coins when prices drop (like double EXP events usually cause Tibia Coins value go down) and sell them once the price goes up.

It might be risky, however, after observing market for some time, you might predict when and how it will fluctuate.
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Dealing with coins/kk in big scale is really like gambling. When cipsoft recently  nerfed the respawn I sold my tibia coins and the currency value was around 25-26k. The value of tibia coins after nerf hit 15k so I started to buy again. CIP decided to increase the loot on hunts the value went back to around 23-24k and I sold again. Anyway I don't recommend you to play much with market values. I don't recommend to play with it since cipsoft is quite unpredictable about values. Anyway I always buy coins when they announce double exp if need coins to boosts preys because during double loot of people end up buying and price goes up. Also in double loot people buy a lot of coins is what makes the price increase as well since people got much gold farmed. I don't think there is a real correct between saving coins or gold, good luck.