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Is is worth using GSP to heal mana instead of SMP? Or is it a waste?

If it is worth it, when should I use it? At which level/circunstances?

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In my opinion the use of GSP instead of SMP, is worth in 2 cases:

  1. When the value of the GSP in market is similar to the value of the SMP in npc, counting on you having enough capacity for the extra weigh.
  2. If you hunt in certain respawn where it takes too much time to regenerate  mana between lures, cause the damage of the creatures force you to keep healing and healing, and you don't want to do a super waste using USP. This would be the case of roshamuul for example, or other respawns with mana drain. 
Hope I was helpful
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Strong Mana Potion

Recover a media of 150 Mana Points

93 Gold Coins price

Great Spirit Potion

Recover a media of 150 Mana Points

Recover a media of 300 Hit Points

228 Gold Coins price

To recover just Mana Points, is more cheaper use Strong Mana Potion. The Great Spirit Potion need be used in case you need recover in short time Mana and Life at the same time or in cases of emergency.

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The regular way to hunt is using strong mana to recovery mana points e spirit  potions (great or ultimate) just for emergency. In case you have alot os great in stock like me, in some hunts (like Asura MIrror and prision, f.e.) when your mana points is low u can use great spirit, without use Exura San and Exura Gran San, this way you will heal and recovery your mana points toa good amount.