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I have a lot of this potions and I'm curious about if I should use them and when I should use them, is something I can use on my daily hunts?
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Thanks, not a main english speaker so someitmes i can't elaborate well :)

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These potions aren't going to be a huge difference but you could use them in your daily hunts to increase your damage. Something to note is that they don't stack with spells that increase your distance. So it is pointless to use them if you are sharpshooting as you will lose the skills from the Bullseye potion.

One situation where they could be useful is when your skills are debuffed. If your distance is lowered and you use the potion your skills will go back to normal plus the potion modifier. Or depending where you are, you could just use sharpshooter to get around this as well.
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I guess that these potions are usefull on low level paladin. In these days, I had been used them in a noob char to deal a little more of damage.
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Because the potion is very cheap you should use them on every spot in which the monsters doesn't debufing your distance skill.