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I haven't been keeping up with the changes recently on vocation adjustments. I know this is a bad thing as I'm a Druid! I'd like to know what the differences are between the Magic Shield Potion and Magic Shield - and which one is better? I'd appreciate it if you made a chart to make it easier to tell the differences.

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 Magic ShieldMagic Shield Potion
 Level 14 Lvl 14 Lvl
 Duration 180 seconds 180 seconds
 Price One-time price of 450 gp 1 Silver Token per Potion purchased from Cledwyn in Adventurer's Guild
Mana Points Use to Activate   50 per spell  Not Applicable
 Cool Down 14 Seconds 1 second
 Breakable Breaking after receiving certain damage- formula  or when mana pool is depleted - or when the time of duration over.
The formula has changed on 01/12/2020 - It is different calculated on lower and high levels. 
 Breaking after receiving certain damage- formula  or when mana pool is depleted - or when the time of duration over. *** The formula has changed on 01/12/2020 - It is different calculated on lower and high levels. 
 Cancelable Can be Cancelled by Cancel Magic Shield spellCan be Cancelled by Cancel Magic Shield spell

Important Notes: Magic Shield can be still refreshed while it is still active. Means it is still preferable to use during hunts (to avoid huge amount of waste). Magic Shield Potions was added for  emergency or critical/ dangerous situation where you are expecting to receive huge amount of the damage and no possibility to cope with it (cool down).


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Orib~ says it can also break the same as manashield
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Canariio remember that the mana shield potion also break if the hitpoints caster to 0. And after 1 minute. Same as normal utamo.
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I correct it for you.
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The result of casting the Magic Shield spell and drinking a Magic Shield Potion are the same. The difference in these two is that the Magic Shield spell has a cooldown of 14 seconds and there is no cooldown on the potion. The potion is supposed to be used in emergencies if you need a Magic Shield again but your spell is still on cooldown. The Magic Shield potion can be bought from Cledwyn in the Adventure's Guild for 1 Silver Token each.
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So for general use magic shield is better cost wise but the potion is useful to have just incase your in a dangerous situation.
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Yes, you should use the magic shield spell at all times when you need it. The only reason to use the potion would be if the spell was on cooldown.
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you beat me by one minute xD i will upvote your answer for being the fastest
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there is only two diferences no chart needed
Potion has 1 sec of cooldown of use (spell has 15 seconds)
Potion costs 1 silver token each use (wich is very expensive) (spell cost 50 of mana and 450 gps in the npc just once)
everything else is the same the amount of the shield, for how long it lasts, etc.
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The potion has a cooldown?
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yes 1 second of use like any other usable item