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If my world manages to complete the Bewitched, what are the prizes for the world? Also, are there any individual prizes?

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Individual Reward


Adding any ingredient or wood: I Did My Part Achievement

Adding 1 ingredient: Witches Lil' Helper Achievement

Adding 50 ingredients: Banebringers' Bane Achievement

Adding 500 ingredients: Honorary Witch Achievement

Adding 1 wood: Fire Lighter Achievement

Adding 100 wood: Fire Devil Achievement

Adding 500 wood: Pyromaniac Achievement

World Reward

For 10 days the Game World will get:

Experience Points bonus of 20%;

Slightly reduced death penalty.

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Rewards from the Bewitched World Quest-

  • Adding any ingredient or wood: I Did My Part;
  • Adding 1 ingredient: Witches Lil' Helper;
  • Adding 50 ingredients: Banebringers' Bane;
  • Adding 500 ingredients: Honorary Witch;
  • Adding 1 wood: Fire Lighter;
  • Adding 100 wood: Fire Devil;
  • Adding 500 wood: Pyromaniac.
  • Reaching 750 favour points: Bewitcher.
  • For 10 days the Game World will get an experience points bonus of 50%
  • Once you've added items to the cauldron, you can speak to NPC Minzy about trading. You can trade favour points earned through filling the cauldron for rewards! You will get an amount of favour points for each ingredient you put into the cauldron, which varies with the different ingredients. Keep in mind that the favour points you gained will transfer to the next year's event if you choose not to spend it now.

Here's a list of items you can exchange with your favour points-

Mana Potion = 5 Favour PointsMana Potion

Strong Mana Potion = 8 Favour PointsStrong Mana Potion

Great Mana Potions = 12 Favour PointsGreat Mana Potion

Ultimate Mana Potion = 37 Favour PointsUltimate Mana Potion

Health Potion = 5 Favour Points Health Potion

Strong Health Potion = 10 Favour PointsStrong Health Potion

Great Health Potion = 19 Favour PointsGreat Health Potion

Ultimate Health Potion = 31 Favour PointsUltimate Health Potion

Supreme Health Potion = 51 Favour PointsSupreme Health Potion

Great Spirit Potion = 19 Favour PointsGreat Spirit Potion

Ultimate Spirit Potion = 35 Favour PointsUltimate Spirit Potion

Black Raven Kit = 1,000 Favour Pointsimageimage

Grey Raven Kit = 1,000 Favour Pointsimageimage

White Raven Kit = 1,000 Favour Pointsimageimage

*You can only take one raven per year