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During Bewitched there's a Witch's Clock that tells you messages of when the next ingredients are ready to be put in the cauldron. What are all the messages that are displayed on the clock? I want to know because I'm having trouble knowing the exact time to show up to throw ingredients into the cauldron.

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They Witch's clock doesn't show the exact time for the next item. Instead, the clock show's an approximate time. If you go there right after the item change, you will see a message "There is more than seven hours to next stage". If you go when it's almost time fpr the next item, you will see a message "There is less than an hour to next stage".  

The first item appears at server save, and the next ones is in 8 hours. So, the best way to know when you'll need to use the next item is to count 8 hours from the server save.

Each day there will be 3 items. First at server save, second 8 hours after server save and third 8 hours after the second item (or 16 hours after server save)
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Adding some information to Candangoek's, just to say that the time while the SS is happening, doesnt count. 

To maker myself clearer, let's consider that the SS takes 7 minutes everyday:

First day stage change times will be (cest):

  • 10.07
  • 18.07
  • 02.07
Second day:
  • 10.14
  • 18.14
  • 02.14
And so on
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Every phase begins every 8 hours, the first one is after server save.

10:00~10:05 CET

18:00~18:05 CET

02:00~02:05 CET
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So the clock displays the exact time?