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I want to know how to meet the bane lord during the bewitched event. Does he spawn all the time when the bane bringers spawn or? Any one have any experience with this boss?

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Bane Lord spawns randomly with the wave of Bane Bringers, it's not very rare boss, so if you kill the waves alone sooner or later you'll find one. 

The only difficulty is that there are often many other players around, interested in killing waves and they may meet and kill this boss before you will notice.

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Wow so it's true he can drop upto 3 dry pieces of wood?Tibia fandom has a ? Near the loot so it was questionable do you know if he drops more than that?
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To be honest I killed only two Bane Lords, both had dry piece of wood, sugar oat, second had additionaly wood trash, so I can not confirm personally about any other taming item, but accordint to the WIKIs - Slug Drug is the best possible loot.