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I would like to know if the woods I use this year count for next year too? For example, using 100, then next year 100 more and stacks as 200 total. I'm interested in getting the achievement for using 500 woods. Also, is it possible to use the woods even though the Bewitched event is not active?

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The wood is total between years, so anything you use this year will count towards next year as well. Also, you can use the wood on the even when the event is not active.

It is listed on Tibia Wiki under the Fire Devil achievement. (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Devil_(Achievement))

"Note: you don't have to add your Dry Pieces of Wood during the event itself to gain the achievement"

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each wood used  guarante 1 favour point and you can trade 1000 favour points for 1 raven each year @candangoek
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Sure @Longshoot,  I'm asking in this case when Bewitched is not active, if I use a dry piece of wood, it will count points?
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you need to use a total of 500 dry piece of woods to light the cauldron, it dont matter in how many years you do that, lets talk about how to get them, they drop by the mobs who apear during the event in bewitched, there is 3 fixed respawn during day from SS of the first day every 8 hours the mobs spawn when the witch ask to put it in cauldrons, but they also spawn randomly during the 4 days of event, so if you have time you can stay there and wait for respawn and farm(  i been doing that while watching movies at free time, if you go upstair it is pz so if you need a break is easy to logout or stay afk there, what i am not that sure is about if you can use the woods outside of the event, a friend told me it wont count for the achivment, so i would try to use them only during the 4 days of event, the alternative of farming is buyng the woods ( i dont recommend that they are really expensive in most of servers since many pep farm money stayng there all day).

good lucky with the achivment