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The event Bewitched is coming and I have never did it, but this year I have in mind that I´ll complete, so, once I´ll use some spoiler about the event, Iwould be glad if you could share with me some hints and tips about this event.

About strategy, best place to find the itens needed, this kind of information.

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The whole server needs to collect AROUND 200 of the following items:

Marsh Stalker Beak Marsh Stalker Beak
Bat Wing Bat Wing
Small Flask of Eyedrops Small Flask of Eyedrops
Lancet Lancet
Spider Fangs Spider Fangs
Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail
Lump of Dirt Lumps of Dirt
Tarantula Egg Tarantula Egg
Centipede Leg Centipede Leg
Sulphurous Stone Sulphurous Stone
Minotaur Horn Minotaur Horn
Goblin Ear Goblin Ear

The items that need to be collected depends on which phase your server is on (It changes every 8 hours starting after June 21 Server Save).

The ingredient you need is displayed next to the cauldron (The first ingredient is ALWAYS lump of dirt).

Previously you had to add item after item, now you can add stacks of 100 to the cauldron instead to make life easier.

When you add items you also gain Favour Points which you can spend on various supplies and also (NEW) Ravens.

The statistics are as follows:

Items Favour Points 
Adding a wood piece1
Goblin Ear5
Lump of Dirt5
Spider Fangs5
Bat Wing10
Centipede Leg10
Scorpion Tail10
Minotaur Horn15
Tarantula Egg15
Sulphurous Stone15
Marsh Stalker Beak?
Small Flask of Eyedrops?
Reward Favour Points 
Mana Potion5
Strong Mana Potion8
Great Mana Potion12
Health Potion5
Strong Health Potion10
Great Health Potion19
Ultimate Health Potion31
Great Spirit Potion19
Ultimate Spirit Potion35
Ultimate Mana Potion37
Supreme Health Potion51
White Raven1000
Grey Raven1000
Black Raven1000
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The following achievements are:

Adding any ingredient or wood: I Did My Part;
Adding 1 ingredient: Witches Lil' Helper;
Adding 50 ingredients: Banebringers' Bane;
Adding 500 ingredients: Honorary Witch;
Adding 1 wood: Fire Lighter;
Adding 100 wood: Fire Devil;
Adding 500 wood: Pyromaniac.
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There was alot more in the original answer but I had to shorten it down due to length limits. If there are any other questions feel free to ask me.
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Best places for items:

Marsh Stalker Beak                  Best place: Venore Salamander Cave
Bat Wing                                      Best place: Thais Bat Dungeon w/ Fire Bombs
Small Flask of Eyedrops         Best place: Vandura Bonelord Cave
Lancet                                           Best place: Drefia (Underground)
Spider Fangs                               Best place: Tiquanda Tarantula Caves
Scorpion Tail                               Best place: The way to Drefia
Lump of Dirt                               Best place: Darashia Rotworm Caves
Tarantula Egg                            Best place: Tiquanda Tarantula Caves
Centipede Leg                           Best place: Dark Cathedral
Sulphurous Stone                     Best place: Meriana Gargoyle Cave
Minotaur Horn                           Best place: Dark Pyramid, Mintwallin or (HIGH LEVELS ONLY) Minotaur Cult Cave
Goblin Ear                                Best place: Femor Hills or Edron Goblin Cave (if you're only killing single targets)
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