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In your personal opinion what are the most iconic bosses/mobs and why?

For example:
Ferumbras, because is the most OP mage.
Dragon, because is the part of logo.

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In a regular mob I think in rats, because I passed too many time with it or killing it.

And boss, munster, just because I always want loot the die and cant.
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I cant forget when I was a little boy and I was on those ciber caffe looking to the guys that were high level killing demons in teams and that was like something incredible , something that on those days was so hard to do. 
I also remember when I killed my first dragon on team with 3 friends I was litterally shaking haha, that feeling we got on old Tibia when your heart were beating so fast since you were so scare to die.

Good old days .. but yes for me Demon is the most iconic monster on Tibia , also for his history Demons are the servants of evil. More or less devoted servants of Zathroth.

For the people who dont know Zathroth is one of the three gods of Tibia, there are 3 of them:


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I like the warlocks, because like tibia they are ancient and mysterious creatures, and still hide a great secret.

and a boss a like a raging mage, cause after 162x times gime a elemental spikes xD.

and I also think that these as other creatures should be reviewed, because every update adds new monsters and the old ones that are the essence of the game are increasingly forgotten.

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162 thats insane, what vocation and lvl you use?
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On my perspective when you take into account the historical facts surrounding every creature, Giant Spider is probably the most iconic monster on the game to me (every old school talks about the lured GS from PoH on Kazz bridge... Even our special arena event that happens every anniversary was made with this thematic!). These were one of the mobs selected to be represented on Nostalgia Island, by the way! Indeed, a classical nightmare to any Tibia player!

Luring Giant Spiders to a city was constant threat on the old days of Tibia! But now we are not allowed to do such thing anymore.

And talking about bosses, I would go with the Grorlam, one of the oldest Tibia bosses. Probably one of the most dangerous "able to be lured" threats for Thais on the early days.

Watch here why he was so feared!

I have even made a char just to hunt this curious Stone Golem Boss located on the surroundings of Thais! You would certainly like to have a stealth ring if this big boy decided to have a walk on Thais some years ago...

Post Scriptum: Grorlam can sense your invisibility nowadays :)

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Well the most iconic boss is Ferumbras it was the first “boss” in the game and every player (old or new) already saw or heard about him.

The most iconic creature is dragons also is an old creature but everyone still hunts it. And like you said in the post it is part of the logo and all players have some old stories about trying to kill your first dragon :D
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Thik thes best bosses are the pharaos, by the history of them.