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There are several statues and figurines available in the game, I am curious what would be the most expensive (Top 5)?

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Red Pit Demon- Red Pit Demon- Cost 20-25 KK

image- Black Pit Demon- Cost 7- 10KK

- and Actually All Pit Demons. 

Statue of Devovorga- Statue of Devovorga 

Dragon Figurine- Dragon Figurine, Golden Figurine- Golden Figurine, Golden Sea Horse Figurine- Goldne Sea Horse Figurine, 

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i not sure about expensive ones, i got 3 that are quite boring/rarsince pep dont try aloot the bosses: e and one more easy to obtain

yalahari figurine that drop from last boss of cults of tibia Yalahari Figurine.gif

golden figurine ( got long time ago hunting prision and didnt saw many droping, pep used to pay 1kk+ for them not sure how much worth today) the drop rate is really low Golden Figurine.gif

Dragon figurine ( not that rare drop in summer/winter court bosses)Dragon Figurine.gif

unicorn figurine( i found it really hard to get doing the tasks in dream courts quest, pep told me it also drop from the last boss but i not sure about it)  Unicorn Figurine.gif

also got some statue made doing the achivments

Beautiful Marble Statue ( a bit hard to get and give 2 achviments for one or five statues)Beautiful Marble Statue.gif 

Pretty Clay Statue ( also obtained trought achivments using clay clump)Pretty Clay Statue.gif

both statues are a bit rare since hard to make but not really expensive

cant really help with a expensive rank but those are the ones i know about

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if you can add the sprites for each figurine, it would be an awesome addition!
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Done thanks for the sugestion
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try to copy and paste the sprites from a fansite like tibia wiki or tibia wikia
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Dragon figurine is also obtainble in the chest of carnivours using a pink gem