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I like many flower items in the game, and somehow even collect them. Hence, I was wondering, what is the most expensive flower in Tibia?

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For now, the most expensive flower in Tibia is Crunor's Heart, item representing TibiaBosses.com . It's price is around 300-400kk. You can get it in the contests organised by this fansite.

Then you can buy or win in fansite's contests yellow rose , it's price is around 70-100kk.

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yellow rose now to 130kk on antica ;p
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I wrote prices according to the information from the rares pricecheck on Tibiabosses.com - it's obvious that prices are not contstant and change over time.
PS. I've checked market on antica and it's history - max price was 100kk.
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I know :D history changes from time to time, not long ago someone bought it for 130kk.