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I am curious about what outfits are now the most expensive in Tibia. If you could please include your top 5.

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I think this is one of those questions, that should be update from time to time!

I absolutely agree, that for now definitely the most expensive is:

1) Golden Outfit (1 kkk)

2) Summoner (female) or Mage (male) outfit because of Ferumbras' Hat (which recently on non-PvP cost 800+ kk, however this thing changes all the time)

3) Battle Mage Outfit (the price depends on how many teams are doing the main boss on the server, but it is proabably as expensive as poin 1 and two or costs even more)

4) Elementalist Outfit (about 100kk)

5) The last point is in my opinion - Hand of the Inquisition Outfit:


Cost of this addon is about 80-100kk on non-PvP.

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Well Antica is like Tibian Trade World so I can tell u Battle Mage is the most expensive outfit. Where you need 20 Epaulette where it is50kk sell offer on market so its 1kkk for Epaulette and 100kk for Strudy books so it make it more expensive than full golden outfit. Also gathering all Epaulette takes timeeeeeeeeee.
4th is 130kk on Antica full one
5th one is for 65kk.
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Yeah, prices depends on server and the difference can be noticable. That's why I highlighted that prices I've mentioned are only correct for now (hunting ground blance will affect a lot prices on every server sooner or later) and in non-PvP.
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Well ppl from dead servers mostly transfer all to Antica from all pvp servers so its even worth make shopping on Antica and transfer it to Optional. Its obvious price might be 3 times bigger than Antica. but well there gonna be max 100ppl online. >.<
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Obviously the Golden Outfit Outfit Golden Male Addon 3.gif is the most expensive since you need to pay 500kk for the outfit and 250kk for each addon, totalizing 1kkk.

Mage Outfit Full (Male)Outfit Mage Male Addon 3.gif or Summoner Outfit Full (Female) Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3.gif is really expensive since you need a Ferumbras' hat image and it ranges from 600~680kk

Battle Mage Outfits Outfit Battle Mage Female Addon 2.gif are really expensive since you need 5 Sturdy Booksimage for addon 1 and it is 15kk each and 20 epaulettesimage for addon 2 and each one costs around 20~30kk.

Elementalist Outfits Full Outfit Elementalist Male Addon 3.gif requires a elemental spikeimage and price ranges from 85-100kk

I think the Makeshift WarriorOutfit Makeshift Warrior Male Addon 3.gif outfit is kinda expensive aswell since you need a Plan for a Makeshift Armor Plan for a Makeshift Armour.gif and it ranges from 15-20kk.

Perhaps there is a more expensive outfit than Makeshift but I can't remember right now.

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Probably the price o Mage/Summoner full will rise until the price os golden outfit. Makeshit Warrior I would say it's more to 30-35kk, but it may vary according the server
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plan for makeshift antica 40kk :)
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Golden Outfit  female summoner/male mage   elementalist  Battle Mage and uh...  maybe Makeshift Warrior? 

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Yea Golden Outfit   is the most expensive
secound place are Summoner Outfit 
next was  items are very expensive - i trying to make this one at the moment, its very cool for me devil
Also Elementalist  because  costs 100KK+ ( i saw on Antica land that last time was sold for 130KK) I have this one its also very nice laugh

 also its expensive but not that bad than the rest hehe, but its very nice