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What are the most androgynous outfits? Those that would make the gender be less obvious to detect at first glance (or at all).

I really like the Owl Keeper  for male, but if you pay attention, the beard will then reveal the gender, so for this purpuse unfortunately it does not work fully.

This would be helpful for RPG purposes, I would appreciate your input!

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  • Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3Outfit Afflicted Female Addon 3Afflicted Outfit
  • Outfit Arena Champion Male Addon 3Outfit Arena Champion Female Addon 3 Arena Champion Outfits
  • Outfit Battle Mage Male Addon 3Outfit Battle Mage Female Addon 3Battle Mage Outfits
  • Outfit Beastmaster MaleOutfit Beastmaster Female Addon 3 Beastmaster Outfits
  • Outfit Crystal Warlord Male Addon 3Outfit Crystal Warlord Female Addon 3 Crystal Warlord Outfits
  • Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3Outfit Deepling Female Addon 3 Deepling Outfits
  • Outfit Dream Warden Male Addon 3Outfit Dream Warden Female Addon 3 Dream Warden Outfits
  • Outfit Entrepreneur Male Addon 3Outfit Entrepreneur Female Addon 3 Entrepeneur Outfits
  • Outfit Falconer Male Addon 3Outfit Falconer Female Addon 3 Falconer Outfits
  • Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3 Glooth engineer outfit female (If you don't know how the male is, you can think it is male)
  • Outfit Golden Male Addon 3Outfit Golden Female Addon 3 Golden Outfits
  • Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3Insectoid Outfits
  • Outfit Lupine Warden Male Addon 3Outfit Lupine Warden Female Addon 3 Lupine Warden Outfits
  • Outfit Nightmare Male Addon 3Outfit Nightmare Female Addon 3 Nightmare Outfits
  • Outfit Percht Raider Male Addon 3Outfit Percht Raider Female Addon 3Perch Raider Outfits
  • Outfit Poltergeist Male Addon 3Outfit Poltergeist Female Addon 3Poltergeist Outfit
  • Outfit Pumpkin Mummy Male Addon 3Outfit Pumpkin Mummy Female Addon 3Pumpkin Mummy Outfits
  • Outfit Puppeteer Male Addon 3Outfit Puppeteer Female Addon 3Puppeteer Outfits
  • Outfit Ranger Female Addon 3 Ranger Outfits in female, looks for male too
  • Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3Outfit Recruiter Female Addon 3 Recruiter Outfits
  • Outfit Siege Master Male Addon 3Outfit Siege Master Female Addon 3 Siege Master Outfits
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For me is Crystal Warlord Outfits Female i dont know or Male or ..., this ,  if this female this is a Brienne of Tarth hahaha

Seriously, when i see i dont know is female or male

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Outfit Beastmaster Female Addon 3If I had to pick one - To me its the Beastmaster outfit as an outfit never looked so masculine before