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I know that some outfits can be obtainable in Rookgaard. However, what outfits can be obtainable in this island and what I need to do in order to get them there? What are the NPCs there that can give to me outfits?

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From my understanding there's 2 outfits Citizen Outfit and Druid Outfit (You can only get one addon in Rook)

How to get the Citizen Outfit and the Druid Paws addon in Rook 

Outfit Citizen Male Addon 1Outfit Citizen Female Addon 1The first addon you need to speak to the NPC Amber which is located in the Resting Room under the Royal Tibian Adventurer's Academy. But you need to obtain some items first:

  • 100 Minotaur Leathers (Minotaur Hell is a good spot)

Outfit Citizen Male Addon 2Outfit Citizen Female Addon 2The second addon you need to speak to NPC Norma whom is located in the bar north of the Royal Tibian Adventurer's Academy. But you need to obtain some items first:

  • 100 Chicken Feathers (Premium area past bridge)
  • 50 Honey Combs (Wasp Tower)
  • Legion Helmet (Dragon Corpse Quest, Present Box Quest, and Rottie the Rotworm)

Outfit Druid Male Addon 1Outfit Druid Female Addon 1 For the Druid Outfit you can only complete one addon and not the complete outfit. You would just need to speak to NPC Tom whom is located south west of the Royal Tibian Adventurers Academy. You would need these items first:

  • 50 Wolf paws (Surroundings of the city)
  • 50 Bear Paws (Bear Cave)

Source: https://rookie.com.pl/portal/articles/addons

Outfit Recruiter Female Addon 3Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3You can also get store outfits and also the Recruiter outfit which is more explained in this question on TibiaQA.

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The only 2 outfits that you can get on rook is the citizen outfit and the druid outfit(1st addon)

To get the citizen outfit you need to collect 100chicken feather (on the premium side of the island), 50 honeycomb and get a legion helmet. Then go to NPC norma and ask for outfit.

To get the druid outfit you need to colect 50 bearpaws and 50 wolfpaws then go to NPC Tom and ask for outfit.
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On Rookgard you can get:

  • Full Citizen 
  • Druid "paws addon" 
  • Recruiter Outfit 
  • All outfits from Store