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I want to know what items you can get in ONLY Rookgaard that you can bring to the Mainlands.

I know only of theOracle Figurine The Oracle Figurine which can be obtained in Rookgaard only by premium players, you can only buy one per premium player when you ask a specific NPC by the name of Raffael for a souvenir for 100 gps.

Please name others, thank you. There's not a list that I'm aware of on any fansite.

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wait he still only sells it to Premium players? Even nowadays?
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Apparently from Wiki Ill test it out when I go to rook for all these items and will post here when I get the chance might take a couple of weeks with all events going on now but I will double check that fact. Wiki can definitely be outdated!

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Rookgaard items that are transferrable to Mainland-

 Oracle Figurine- You can buy at NPC Raffael on the Island of Destiny for 100 gps

Steel Axe.gifSteel Axe- Purchased at NPC Raffael for 500 gps or if you pick Knight as a vocation in Island of Destiny

Wooden Sword- No longer obtainable but from The Rookie Guard quest mission 1 if you have an older character the player might be logged at this Tutorial Island. (Source)

All of these items are from The Rookie Guard quest:

 Sack of Herbs

Star Ring

Skinning Knife

Book of Orc Language

 Fleshy Bone

Small Health Potion- Reward from The Rookie Guard Quest, Small Health Potion Quest or you can buy this from NPC: Hyacinth, Lily - Rookgaard Hamish - Dawnport for 20gp)

 Small Lamp- Every server save on Dawnport in Mr Morris Room, probably need KEY 0010 from Dawnport Quest

but I know that it is now also available on mainland too. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure where exactly, I was thinking about the Asura's or Carlin Castle (but the door is closed) but I didn't know the exact location, look Loreffy response. This item is worth noting.

Key 4601.gif Copper Key 4601- For the Bear Room quest) "Can be found in a Chest near the Bear Room after revealing a hole with a Pick."

Goblin Bone Key.gif Silver Key 4603- For the Katana Quest) "Can be found at end of the "Corpse Alley" inside one of the bodies."

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Small Lamp can be obtained on the Mainland (Asura Palace, Port Hope) here: https://tibiopedia.pl/maps/3135/3745/5/12
Nice search, I didn't know about all these items.
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Since when this Oracle Figurine exists??????? Nice item that I never saw before!
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Hey, I added some items for you that I was able to verify (steel axe plus keys) I wanted to show you a related question I worked on but didn't verify if I can transfer some of these other items- https://www.tibiaqa.com/21164/what-items-can-i-find-only-in-rookgaard
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Before the introduction of dawnport every new player started the game at the Tutorial island.

There players would face Cockroach  that dropped Cockroach's legs . That island is the only place that had this monster in the game. Só Cockroach's legs was only obtained there. And you could go to mainland with them. But this is not obtainable anymore.

Another item only obtainable at rookie guard is the Star Ring . This ring is a reward of the The Rookie Guard Quest.

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Whhhhat they got rid of the cockroaches? :( I didn't know about the legs neither so thanks for this information we're gathering quite the list here now. Legs and all.
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You can find on Rookgaard:

Stack of herbs   (obtainable in The rookie guard quest)

Star ring (reward in The rookie guard quest)

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Thanks for your detailed response and including links. I think the stack of herbs would make a great decoration I didn't know about them either I'm sure with the amount of caps I have in rook I wont be able to take everything to main XDD.
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The only ones I know is the Star ring in Rookgaard and in Dawnport the small lamp.
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"Two lit small lamps can be seen in a room in the Castle of Carlin" seen but not obtained according to this quote from Tibia Wiki. Maybe this is where you saw them previously? Ill follow this to see if you can find it in main i hope not
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I think they added it somewhere in new places. For sure it wasn't Carlin.
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I found  2x lit small lamp in Asura Palace in Port Hope here: https://tibiopedia.pl/maps/3135/3745/5/12