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Except for buying it, the basic sword from the old times of Rookgaard is now a relic? Or there is a way to find it?

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Actually, you can still get it on Rookgard, on The Rookie Guard Quest.

Mission 1: A Taste of Things to Come 

Once you cross the bridge after finishing The Beginning Quest and walk a little northward, you will be teleported to Kraknaknork's Dimension, where Kraknaknork's Demon will attack and kill you. Once you log back into the game, you will spawn next to Asralius. Talk to him so he restores your experience. Open the blue treasure chest to get a Backpack with a Wooden Sword and a Torch.

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Hm, I guess we can't do this specific part anymore, since we now go to Rook from Dawnport and start our journey there on the Cipfried temple. Your method is only doable if we manage to find an old char that never passed the bridge that enters Rookgaard (i. e.: one that was created and left alone on Santiago house)

Edit 03/11/2018: Well, I guess it means that currently there is no way, right? I asked it thinking about a valid and actual way for nowdays...
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