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There is a spike sword on Rookgaard, is there anyway to obtain it?

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Well, putting it in short terms, the majority of the community still clueless if there is a quest to get it.

I must also say that there is another famous theory regarding the mentioned legendary sword, and I'm particularly confident that it is what makes sense after you analyze the whole story behind the sword: It was possible to obtain it in the past, but for some unknown reason, it was permanently removed from the game some vital steps needed to complete the quest.

This video below that I found about the subject is absolutely pleasant to watch if you appreciate well done Youtube content, RPG and of course, Tibia. Check it out, I recommend to anyone that appreciates the game to enjoy the material compilation that this user sorted out. You basically will find out on this video everything important about the famous sword:

(some spoilers ahead, I guess. But it is full of speculation with a really good research supporting it, along with some cool facts that I discovered only after watching it. The video ends leaving with the spectator the right to think if there is a occult quest regarding this item)


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One important thing to mention: The comments on this video can be really interesting if you want to delve even more deep on theories and possibilities regarding Rook. Crazy to think on how old this Island is.
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From reddit:

Something I noticed a while back and I just decided to post it here for some extra help.

I've been doing some more digging on the sword of fury and the leaked files. I noticed a few lines in the script are messing around with a water tile next to the sword of fury. You can't see that far in game so there's no way to really see what's going on there. It reminds me of something similar that happened in the Jakundraf desert with the old silver mace quest.

My theory is that the script could possibly be teleporting the sword to that tile and then teleporting it back to the island on reset but that doesn't make much sense bc cipsoft could just write in the script to "create object" and "remove object" instead of moving it. In the Jakundraf desert script it seems to move an item(silver mace) from one of the 3 tiles located out of sight to a position in the starting room of the 10k quest.

Basically I would like some help to find out why the script would be do anything at all with this random ass tile.

also you can stand directly underneath this water tile location in a cave 1 floor below.https://imgur.com/a/bfKyTw8

Here is the full code from the file.

Collision, IsType (Obj1,371), IsPosition (Obj1,[32169,32157,08]), IsPlayer (Obj2), IsObjectThere ([32104,32082,07],4615), IsObjectThere ([32102,32084,07],2123) -> DeleteOnMap([32101,32085,07],3271), EffectOnMap([32101,32085,07],14), ChangeOnMap([32100,32084,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32101,32084,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32102,32084,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32100,32085,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32102,32085,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32100,32086,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32101,32086,07],2123,2125,0), ChangeOnMap([32102,32086,07],2123,2125,0) " ===C==="

Collision, IsType (Obj1,371), IsPosition (Obj1,[32066,32068,10]), IsPlayer (Obj2), IsObjectThere ([32104,32082,07],4597) -> ChangeOnMap([32104,32082,07],4597,4615,0) " ===C=== ===A==="


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But As far as I know there is no chance to get it today, time ago there was a way. Also I remember that there was a high level 100 on rookgard and Cipsoft gave to him a Spiked Sword