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The recent update and changes to the A Piece of Cake event have introduced the
and lemoncupcakes. How to get one of them?

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First of all, your server must win the A Piece of Cake event. After the next server save NPC will appear here : 

Say help to him, then he will ask you to step on the Cake Base at the island, and then visit the Cake Extraction Machines in 5 cities. Once you have stepped on the extraction machine, return to the Cake Keep Isle, step on the cake base again and then proceed to the next city, repeating the proces for example : Cake Isle > Darashia > Cake Isle > Liberty bay > etc.

Machine locations:


Liberty Bay




Once you have visited all the extraction machines, return to and ask for your reward.

Remember that you can only collect one of three prizes!

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By completing the A Piece of Cake quest which starts on February 21st and ends on February 26th.

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What do you mean by "completing"? Is it enough if my world succeeds in the world quest or do I need to participate myself? If so, what exactly do I need to do to be eligible for the cupcake reward and who gives it?