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I want to sail to Yalahar, but all the boat captains say something like "I'm sorry, but the Yalahari are somewhat strict considering who may sail into their harbour". What do I need to do to sail there?

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First of all you need at least the rank of 'Novice' in the Tibian explorer society.

How do I join the Tibian explorer society?

You can now talk to Wyrdin (located in the middle of Edron Ivory towers) and ask him for a mission, he will then send you to retrieve some research notes from Timothy in Yalahar (north of depot). Talk to Captain Max in Liberty bay (east of the boat, on another boat) which will ask you for 500gp for a ride to Yalahar. Grab the notes from Timothy and bring them back to Wyrdin for a 500 gp reward, (you do not need to bring back the research notes for any further advancement in any other quest).

If you don't want to pay 500gp each time and have the ability to travel to Yalahar from a wider selection of places, check out this question: How do I activate all the boat routes to Yalahar?